Herzigova (Ava)
16hh 9yo mare
Chiquida (Quidam de Revel) X Romanov

Honest, careful, and quick against the clock; Ava is the perfect horse for any amateur wanting to go to competitions and have a lot of fun.
I’ve owned Ava since she was a 5 year old, and she took me from never having competed BSJA to now jumping Discovery’s/1.05m and ready to move up to Newcomers. She’s got an absolute heart of gold, and has taught me so much.
She is now ready to start jumping Newcomers with the right rider, but would also be happy bringing a less experienced rider up the levels.
Although she has been doing showjumping with me, she would also make a good allrounder. She’s well behaved in open spaces, has been to the beach and cross country twice with me and was amazing both times.
Very good to hack, alone and in company.
Perfect manners on the ground, easy to do in every way.
Good to load, travel, shoe, etc. but does need sedation to clip.
Not a novice ride as she can be strong when jumping.


Very sad sale due to me not having time for her now that I’m at university.

Based near Southampton, Hampshire
Contact 07943726619




Jess Holt - 07943726619