Eliseo B

16.2 15 years old ex international grade A

Brian has competed at some of Europe’s best and most prestigious shows.

Still winning and competing to date. BS print out can be seen

Jumped up to 140 level with an array of riders, from big blokes to small light weight girls.

Very well schooled on the flat, obviously knows all of his changes and lateral work.

Brian is 100% for sound and healthy, has wear and tear bumps but never had any lameness issues or injuries.

Brian would be more than happy to have a slower life doing riding club, pony club, hunting, fun rides etc.

Has been barefoot most of the summer, and had no issues.

Never missed a vaccine, upto date with teeth, back, farrier.

Being sold from a professional yard and on behalf of long standing owner. We’ve come to the decision as it means more to us he’s happy. Home is more important than price however he is not free. Tack can be purchased from us.




Joss Williams, 07742 458353