Stunning Dressage Prospect

Denzil has been a fantastic horse to own he is good to do in every way possible. Good to clip, shoe, load, travel, worm etc. Up to date with worming and vaccinations. He has 3 very correct paces. He is a gentle on the ground. He he good to hack but sometimes can be slightly nervous with traffic but this has gotten loads better. He is never nasty or silly. Will be the same horse to ride every day even after having a week off.

The reason for him being sold is through no fault of his own we just have different ambitions in the sport. I would love him to go to a dressage home as I believe he will really succeed and climb up the levels quickly with the right rider. He is a hugely willing horse on the flat and enjoys doing lateral movements. Dressage is his passion and unfortunately I want to event. We never get below 60% out at dressage and we went to do the Sunshine tour championship in September and got 73% in a strong Novice class and getting 5 of our first 8 marks.

He will pop a couple of fences at home but his passion lies with dressage and what a fantastic, eye catching horse he is for it 😍

Now for some of his flaws but they are manageable. He suffers with very sensitive skin to UV light so he is unable to be out 24/7 so needs to be stabled in the day through summer. He does weave when it comes to feeding/turning out time.

All in all he is a fantastic horse and I am very sad to see him go and I only want the best for this horse so the sale will not be rushed. In the meantime he will be going out and doing lots of dressage training and competitions.




Charlotte West