Day 3054 of lockdown...

Hi everyone! It feels like we’ve been on lockdown forever, and I cannot wait for life to start to return to normal. As usual, we’ve been busy working away with the young horses and I am so excited to start getting them out to course hire and training shows.

With our other horses, we’ve had a bit of a change of plan. We bought a project horse for my

husband around a year ago now. He was bought with a view to reschooling him to showjump, and with the help of Jay Johnson, we managed to get him popping around a small course at home happily. As the year has progressed, we simply felt that he wasn’t enjoying his new life with us. We tried lots of things – he had multiple visits from our brilliant vets, he had a new saddle, he had his teeth done, he had physio... the list goes on! Some days he would hack out beautifully, work well in the school and be enthusiastic to jump, whereas other days he would simply down tools and not want to work with us.

At the start of lockdown, we thought it would be best to give him a holiday and turned him away with our other retired horses. As time has gone on, we’ve noticed the change in his demeanour. He is so happy and relaxed, and has just totally gone back to being a horse. We’ve had a really long, hard think about what to do for Jimmy going forward, and we both have decided that we won’t be bringing him back in from the fields. I’ve always tried to do right by my horses, even if that doesn’t line up with my aspirations and plans for them. I think that this is one of those times where we’ve needed to put aside our own feelings and put the horse first.

Whilst it is sad to reach the end of Jim’s ridden life, he has taught my husband and I so much, and for that we are both so grateful. Lots of people suggested trying to sell or loan Jim to a hacking or dressage home, but we just couldn’t do that to him. We always promised the lovely lady we bought him from that he would never be passed from pillar to post, and sadly he is the sort of horse that would end up going from dealer to dealer.

So, that’s my update for this month! I hope to bring some news of training shows and course hire next month – well, I can dream anyway!

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