Hi everyone!

We’re over halfway through February now, and some days it feels like spring is literally just around the corner. Other days it feels like I should have put some armbands and a rubber ring in the car just to make sure that I get to work without floating away! Mary has really surprised me at being very cooperative when I ask her to canter through the puddles in the school, something that I thought she would never do. For such a princess that won’t step foot in any mud, she’s been remarkably brave, however I still think that an eventing career is off the table!

So it’s been a pretty quiet month for me – I’ve not had any transport to get to any shows, so I’ve been working away with Mary at home and over some little jumps just to keep her mind active. She’s feeling incredible, and her physio even remarked at how well she was looking. We finished her physio session off with some carrot stretches, which are definitely Mary’s party trick – she can almost touch her tail with her nose. It’s like she’s made of rubber! Sadly the same cannot be said for me. I can only dream of touching my toes, and have previously, and very unsuccessfully, attended a yoga class only to leave halfway through as it was like torture for me. I should have decided to try and improve my flexibility as a New Year’s resolution, but I would definitely have given up on the 2nd January!

Whilst I haven’t been out competing, I have had a pretty exciting month. I was encouraged to enter Neue Schule’s search for a showjumper to sponsor by the wonderful Jenni of Flying Changes Coaching, after saying I wouldn’t enter as there were some seriously big names who had already entered. Well, thank goodness I did! I was lucky enough to be one of four shortlisted riders, which included the very on from rider, Holly Smith. The winner was to be chosen by public vote, and this is where my brilliant Facebook following came into play. They all got behind Mary and I, and we won the public vote by over 2,000. Little old me with my one horse, against three brilliant international riders. Who’d have thought it!

I see so many fantastic riders who neglect their social media – maybe they are too busy, don’t deem it important or are unsure of the benefits that can come from it. All I can say is, if there is anyone out there who is thinking about starting a Facebook page or Instagram page to document their journey with their horse(s), DO IT! I have received so many fantastic opportunities through having my Facebook page (including being actively encouraged to bleat on about my musings for the wonderful bunch at Equi-Trade!) and I certainly wouldn’t be receiving anywhere near the support that I do every time I make a post.

So, that’s it really! Don’t feel like you have to be an accomplished international rider to document your journey. The comments that I receive the most are that I am relatable, and that is why people like to follow what I get up to with Mary, and that is such a wonderful thing to hear. So what are you waiting for? If you do have a Facebook page or Instagram page that you’d like to promote, pop it in the comments and we’d all love to get behind you.

Until next time!

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