Hello all, and apologies for the delay in my blog! I’ve been busy moving Mary and I to a new job, and my laptop got lost in the process. I might be able to organise a yard or a big horsebox for a show, but organising my life? That’s ten times harder!

So, I don’t really want to but feel like I have to mention about Corona Virus. It’s totally gutting for everyone involved in the equine industry, and with events such as Badminton and Bolesworth cancelled, no one knows how everyone will be affected. Looking at the bigger picture, I am so disappointed to see how many people are not following the self isolation and social distancing advice. Seeing as you cannot scroll through social media without seeing posts about the dangers of not following this advice, I can’t see how me writing a blog about it will make a difference, so instead I’ll try and lighten the mood.

Sunshine! And daylight! When was the last time we had more than two consecutive days of nice weather? I honestly cannot remember, but it feels like the veil of winter is lifting. Summer coats are coming through and horses are suddenly calmer, there seem to be less ghosts and monsters hiding in the hedges, and we even managed a hack today with a dip in the river for the horses.

Even with the lack of shows, I think it’s so important to change your goals to make sure that you don’t lose focus or enthusiasm. There are several online competitions, such as the popular online dressage series, as well as a new online showjumping competition! For Mary and I, I am going to try and use this time to really focus on her flatwork and get her stronger and more supple through her body. I am by no means a dressage rider, but I’d love to learn to ride more correctly on the flat, and this will benefit all of the horses that I work with and ride.

I am planning to start doing exercise other than just mucking out, riding and sweeping. I say planning, as I don’t want to commit to start running again as I really do hate it, but a bit of extra exercise and focus certainly won’t do me any harm!

I’d love to know what all of your plans are, as we all need some extra support during this time. What I will finish on, is to be kind. Life is best when you live with kindness at the forefront of your actions. So, be kind, but just from maybe two metres away or so!

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