Spring has sprung...??

Apparently it’s March, and I thought that this would mean that it might stop raining at some point soon. Good job I wasn’t holding my breath! I can be positive about the lighter evenings now though, and that really makes me feel more optimistic that maybe one day I’ll be able to leave the house without four different waterproof layers and an entire change of clothes.

So my little Mary has still been on her best behaviour! I am waiting for the wheels to fall off ever so slightly as the weather gets warmer and her wonderful hormones rear their ugly heads again… See what I did there?! ;) We are still having transport issues, and I am working really hard to annoy all of my local show centres by pre-entering their shows only to withdraw the day before. I am hopeful that we’ll have our new set of wheels before the month is out, as I need to prepare for a very special show that I’ve entered today. It is quite possibly my favourite show of the year, and I have only ever managed to jump there once before. My entry was accepted last year, however I didn’t feel that Mary and I were ready to give it our best shot, so I ended up spectating instead and of course spending far too much money in the shopping village. If you haven’t already guessed, this show is Royal Windsor! Due to the huge number of entries, RWHS always ballot their national showjumping classes, so I’ve got everything crossed that we’ll be accepted again this year.

I’ve managed to give Mary a jump at home to keep us both on our game, and I really cannot thank Jay Johnson enough for always watching my videos that I send him, and he is always on hand with some useful advice. You can pay a top trainer hundreds and hundreds of pounds to help you, but if they aren’t personally invested in you and your horse, you’ll never get the most from them. I am so lucky to know that Jay is simply a phone call away if ever I get unstuck with something, and for that I am truly, truly grateful. Although he did say that when Mary jumped her first Foxhunter double clear that he would personally come down to give her a pat, and he’s yet to keep up his side of that deal… She’s waiting for you, Jay!

I must say, Mary is loving her new Neue Schule bit! After speaking with the founder of NS bits, Heather Hyde, we decided to try Mary in a Turtle Top Show Pelham, and it’s as if all of my subtle signals and communications to her have been magnified. She has given me some of the best flatwork she’s ever done in this bit, and this is another reason why I am so excited to get her out competing again! Neue Schule offer an online bitting consultation which I would highly recommend if you feel like you could be getting more from your horse than you currently are in their normal bit. It can be found at www.nsbits.com/online-bitting-consultation

Thank you all very much for reading, and I’ll be back in touch soon!

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