Well hello everyone!

We are now in the third week of January, so by now we should all have decided on our new year’s resolutions, already broken some of them and if you’re anything like me you’ll have forgotten the others.

The past two weeks for me have involved no shows at all, and a lot of cold and flu tablets. I’ve definitely got cabin fever and am ready to get back out to some shows! If you follow my Facebook page, you will have seen that someone else had a sit on Mary for me. I was so stressed about it I even had (bad!) dreams about what was going to happen, but I needn’t have worried. Olli Fletcher gave Mary a jump around at home, and it was so lovely to see someone else ride her, and to do such a great job of it! I definitely got a bit carried away and kept putting the fences up and up, and one ended up at 1.45m, the biggest that Mary has ever jumped in her little life. Whilst it was so lovely to see her over some bigger jumps, I was most proud that she didn’t misbehave once. She didn’t even think about doing anything remotely naughty. I had a seriously proud owner moment, and had to take some deep breaths not to cry. I can’t deal with all these emotions this horse makes me feel!

As frustrating as it has been for me feeling under the weather and not going out to shows, I cannot imagine the stress and heartbreak that those at Crofton Manor have been experiencing. The EHV-1 outbreak caused several horses to lose their lives, and my heart goes out to all the owners, connections and veterinary staff who have worked tirelessly to control the spread of the outbreak. Many yards and show centres in the area went onto lockdown and stopped the movement of horses unnecessarily and so far it seems that the virus has been well contained. Fingers crossed that this remains the case!

The next couple of weeks for me will be busy at work – the Fletchers are heading to Vilamoura in February so we will be making sure that all the horses are feeling their best before a busy month of jumping for them. For Mary and I, we are finally in the position to go horsebox shopping! Sadly a brand new Bloomfields is just a little out of my budget (apparently even selling a kidney wouldn’t cover the cost – I have checked), so I will be keeping a close eye on the Equi-Trade website waiting for our perfect little 3.5t lorry so we can keep progressing and getting out to shows. Now I’ve told you my goals I really have to do everything I can to achieve them!

I hope that you are all keeping warm and dry in this prime chilblains season!

Until next time…

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