Our Next Generation Jackets contain an environmentally friendly foam padding with excellent insulation features where 25% of the composition consists of coffee oil made on recycled coffee beans. The material is Anti-Odor which means it discourages bad smell. The odor control keeps your jacket fresh longer and you do not need to wash your jacket unnecessarily much only due to bad smell. This saves on both our environment as well as the jacket’s wear.

The material is also water repellent and free from fluorocarbons. Stretchy material and a close-to-figure design emphasizing your female shapes in the best way. Beautiful classic navy blue color with silver details. The sleeves are in slightly shiny, dirt repellent outer material and has thin, comfortable fleece.

Fantastic jacket to wear alone, under a vest or underneath your jacket
Size: S
Price: £60

Claire Gettingby, 07879485049, ccgettinby@gmail.com